Weekend Aptitude Training for EMAT – IIMK EPGP 2017  (Two days and Total 12-hour Live Virtual Sessions)


To facilitate preparation for EMAT for busy working professionals who due to paucity of time find it difficult to prepare themselves for EMAT for IIM Kozhikode


It is difficult to study for EMAT through CAT books. There is no dedicated course or preparation material for EMAT preparation. The sample paper for EMAT on IIM Kozhikode website outlines that (a) EMAT is not as difficult as CAT but (b) the assessment areas/subjects in both CAT and EMAT are same.

Unlike CAT, very little preparation time is available for EMAT and to cover key concepts quickly an expert and intensive coaching is useful. Working professionals generally find it difficult to prepare on their own so attending a weekend course will be particularly useful for them.

Meet the faculty: Maruti Sharma

maruti sharma


Maruti Sharma is a respected trainer for Quant, DI, and Numerical Ability among CAT aspirants in New Delhi. He currently a visiting faculty for ‘Quantitative Skills in Statistics’ at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan New Delhi. He also coaches aspirants of IITJEE and Olympiads at J.K. Group Schools and has been associated with PRATHAM Institute to coach candidates for CAT, XAT and FMS Entrance Tests. He is actively working on the concepts of Vaidik Mathematics in the field of modern mathematical problems, technology & management. In the past he has been associated with numerous entrance exam training centers like Career Launchers, T.I.M.E. Institute and PACE Academy among others. He was a 99.7 percentile holder in CAT examination for 2007.




Session Topics and Training Schedule:

The total lecture delivery will be of 12-hrs (6 hours each on Saturday and Sunday) which will include topics on data interpretation, numerical ability and reasoning.

Below is the list of topics that will be covered in the training program.

DateTime SlotSession CodeTopics and SubtopicsSequence Flow
09-09-201710:00 AM - 12:00 PMNumerical Ability (Percentages)Division, Inverse Values, PercentagePercentage, Profit, Loss & Discount, Successive Discounts
09-09-201712:15 PM - 02:15 PMNumerical Ability (ERPV)Equations, Ratio, Proportion & VariationEquations in One & Two variables, Ratio, Proportion & Variation
09-09-201703:00 PM - 05:00 PMNumerical Ability (A & M)Average, Mixtures & AlligationAverages, Mixtures & Alligation
10-09-201710:00 PM - 12:00PMNumerical Ability (TSD & TW)Time, Speed, Distance, Time-WorkTime, Speed, Distance & Time, Work
10-09-201712:15 PM - 02:15 PMLogical ReasoningArrangements, Family Tree ProblemsArrangements in Linear & Circular systems, Blood Relations Logic based problems
10-09-201703:00 PM - 05:00 PMData InterpretationPercentage, SAGR & CAGR, LINE, BAR & PI CHARTSPercentage, Simple Annual Growth Rate & Compound Annual Growth Rate, LINE, BAR & PI CHARTS

 Demo Lecture (Length 15 minutes):

Session Fees:

INR 4500/- (for the entire two-day sessions)

Fees Includes:

1. Two days of ‘Live’ weekend sessions by ace faculty covering all concepts in DI, Numerical Ability and Logical Reasoning
2. Access to all recorded sessions will be free after the sessions
3. The preparation material shared during the sessions will be made available to the participants
4. Participants will get a solved question bank especially designed for EMAT IIMK to practice after the sessions



Disclaimer: We do no cover everything as per the EMAT IIM Kozhikode syllabus, verbal ability will not be covered in these sessions as developing vocabulary, reading-comprehension is a longterm exercise and we believe our candidates will possess this skill.  These sessions have been designed to aid the preparation for EMAT targeted towards busy professionals who would find it useful as against no preparation at all. We are a third-party online training company with not association whatsoever with any IIMs.